Comprehensive remote surveillance & tracking system

Child Safety

Live CCTV feed

While it is important to see where and how the child is travelling, it is equally important to capture what is happening inside the vehicle. CCTV’s placed inside the vehicle are used for this purpose. While continuous video streaming might require a large data bandwidth, we intelligently capture images every few seconds and the CCTV’s intelligently sync-up with the tracking consolde on board the vehicle. This way, you will have all data with you for any eventuality.

Parent App

As a parent, your single biggest requirement is to get real time information about the vehicle carrying your child. Our mobile app has an intuitive interfact that lets you track the vehicle in real time along with information such as speed, driver details and so on. You can also setup SMS alerts for specific events. A seperate interface is available for school authorities for fleet management.

Route management

Our solution not only makes the life of the parent easy, it has a lot of benefits for the school administrators too. We provide an interface for the driver to see the details of the next pick-up and drop locations along with options of maps. The route can be manually created on the fly by the fleet manager or our custom routing algorithms can be used. This is a complete safety and school bus management system!



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